Five Safety Apps You Need On A Jobsite

When working on a jobsite, safety should be your number one priority. With the availability of cell phones and tablets on job sites, it has never been easier to make sure you and your team are safe on the job with a range of downloadable apps. These apps can provide real time information, safety tips, and opportunities for safety education. Anyone on a jobsite can benefit immensely from these downloadable apps. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of the most useful free apps that are available in both English and Spanish to keep you safe on the job. 

  1. Sound Level Meter App

This app was developed to assist workers in making informed decisions regarding their noise environment. The Sound Level Meter App promotes better hearing health and emphasizes prevention methods to those who work on job sites regularly. The SLM App includes information from professional sound meters and noise dosimeters to show the sound level at any given time. 

  1. Ladder Safety NIOSH

Thousands of ladder related injuries are reported every year across the United States. In fact, more than 100 people die each year as a result of ladder-related falls. The Ladder Safety app addresses the five most common causes of ladder related injuries: Incorrect extension ladder setup angle,Inappropriate ladder selection, Insufficient ladder inspection , Improper ladder use, Lack of access to ladder safety tools and information.

  • Important Features:
    1. Angle Measuring Tool – Uses visual, sound, and vibration signals to ensure your ladder is placed at the proper 75 degree angle. Additionally, this feature checks the verticality of both extension and step ladders. 
    2. Inspection Tool – Provides a comprehensive list of items to inspect to ensure your ladder is safe and usable
    3. Selection Tool – Provides a process to select the minimum required ladder duty rating in relation to user characteristics and task
    4. Proper Use Tool – Gives a list of do’s and don’ts for ladder safety
    5. Accessories tool – Describes safety accessories available for ladders
  1. Heat Index App

Working outdoors in the dog days of summer is not only uncomfortable, but can quickly turn dangerous. A Heat Index app can be helpful in ensuring that you and your team are safe on the jobsite. This app calculates the heat index using your smartphone’s geolocation to pull weather conditions in your area, and warn you of dangerous temperatures.

  1. The OSHA – NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App

In addition to the Heat Index App, the OSHA – NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App is a helpful resource when it comes to avoiding heat related illness. This app not only provides a real time heat map but also recommendations from OSHA and NIOSH.

  • Important Features:
    1. Visual indicator of the current heat index relative to your specific geographic location
    2. An hourly forecast that includes, heat index values, risk levels, and recommendations
    3. Dynamic temperature and humidity controls, that allow you to calculate for different conditions
    4. Signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses 
  1. Red Cross First Aid App

This First Aid app from the Red Cross is something everyone should have on their phone, especially if you work regularly on a job site. This free app from the Red Cross is a no brainer to keep you and your team safe on a daily basis.