More Than a Summer Job

This summer we are excited to have three interns working for ODI – our largest intern “class” to date. This past year we thought really hard about the experience we wanted to provide for our interns, and that has informed their day-to-day since they started in May. Now that our three interns have had a chance to get their feet wet, we thought it would be a good time to introduce them and give you a glimpse into what they’ve been up to.

Meet the Interns

Jack McDonald already had a strong connection to ODI – his father is Steve McDonald, our long-time head of projects in Northern Virginia. A student at Christopher Newport University, Jack insists his father didn’t push him into the specialty services contracting industry, though he has spent the last two summers working in the field. During the school year, Jack is studying Information Sciences and is particularly interested in learning about the role technology plays in the construction industry.

Zach Sanders is a rising senior at VMI where he was a pitcher on their baseball team. He’s studying psychology, and let’s face it – construction is a PEOPLE business first, so understanding what makes them tic is a valuable skill! Zach is interested in learning the Project Management side of the business but is eager to get hands-on with all aspects of our work. We were lucky to be introduced to Zach by Michael Geary, and alum of our Intern Program and current Project Manager for ODI.

Zeph Frankart also has a family connection to ODI. He’s he cousin of Billy Frankart, a PM in our Commercial Division. A rising senior at Arizona State, Zeph enjoys rebuilding and modifying cars, especially Chevy’s. Zeph’s ability to understand how things work has been a huge help as he’s begun learning the complexities of our projects and how insulation plays a role in building systems.

Hands-On In and Out of the Office

Our primary goal for our Intern Program is to give each participant a holistic view of our insulation business. This means putting equal focus on learning in the office and on the job site. Each day our interns work alongside Project Managers, Estimators, and Foreman to learn vital aspects of our business. After all, our intern program is more than a summer job – it’s an opportunity for each of our interns to gain valuable, real-world experience in the construction industry, and it’s a way for us to share our knowledge with the next generation of construction professionals.

We’ve been thrilled at how quickly our interns have adapted to life at ODI. They’re learning a ton and already adding value by assisting our team with projects. Best of all, the summer is just getting started, so there’s lots more for them to do and learn. Stay tuned on our blog to get more updates on how our interns are doing!

Reports from the Field

We checked in with our interns after their first couple of weeks on the job to see what they’ve been up to, and here’s what they had to say..

The internship is going great! Recently I have been working with Bluebeam creating take offs. Overall I have created a few excel documents such as a labor report which helps track job progression vs what has actually been done. I have also gone and visited multiple Jobs checking off areas on the marked drawings that have either been completed or not completed thus giving us an estimate on actual progressing for the job. -Jack McDonald

I started work in the field at the University of Richmond on the Ryland Hall jobsite. My foreman for the job was Long McCall, who taught me how to install various types of insulation as well as the different systems I was working with. I worked with several different products including pitt wrap, fiberglass duct wrap, preformed fiberglass pipe insulation, and elastomeric pipe insulation. Now I am back in the office where I am currently working on a take-off for that job. After finishing that I will be creating a job tracker and find a cost of completion. – Zeph Frankart

I’ve spent most of my time helping Brian Kappus with invoicing and number counts. I’ve also been learning how to complete take offs and read project schematics. I’ve even had the chance to come up with some of my own solutions for our customers. In addition to my work in the office on the PM and Estimating side, I’ve spent time on the jobsite learning how to install pipe insulation. All in all, I’ve gotten a chance to do a bit of everything. – Zach Sanders