ODG Family Fest

On Sunday, September 17th, 2023, The Old Dominion Group hosted a family-filled festival with over 230 ODG families gathered at the Diamond. The day was jam-packed with exciting games, bouncy houses, live entertainment, raffles, food, and a 20-minute firework show to end the night! All the employees of the Old Dominion Group were invited to come and enjoy an afternoon of fun and lots of cotton candy. Sounds of laughter and music filled the Diamond.


The ODG family fest kicked off with ODG’s Executive team, including the founder of ODI, Roddy Davoud, alongside his sons, CEO, Jeff Davoud, and Executive Vice President, Chris Davoud of the Old Dominion Group greeting all of the families as they walked in. Many of our employees traveled to spend their day at the family fest as far as Delaware, Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, and North and South Carolina, the Davoud family is forever grateful and thankful for their commitment.

Throughout the festival the ODG families had the opportunity to enjoy two dance performances that showcased the diversity within our community. A Latin traditional dance “El Zombrero Azul” from El Salvador was performed by Tradicion Group along with characters dressed to represent the Mexican, Puerto Rican and other Central American cultures. The second dance performance was followed by local dance group, Richmond Urban Dance who showcased their style for hip-hop, pop and street style dance. Talent from ages 6+ all showed the ODG families their amazing dance moves. The ODG families also enjoyed various artistic arts such as caricature artists, face painting, magicians, stilt walkers, and the famous Mascot Nutsy the Flying Squirrel made an appearance.

A very special family was chosen to start the countdown for the end-of-the-night 20-minute fireworks show. The Urias family, who has been employed with ODI since 1990, crosses through three generations of dedicated hard work and loyalty to ODG. They will proudly forever be a part of the Old Dominion Group Legacy and we are extremely fortunate to have them be such an integral part of our team.

Our teams are the “Tip of the Spear” and at ODG, we realize the contribution our employees and their families make to help impact our success. The captured moments are worth a thousand words, but the memories and camaraderie spent between our ODG families will forever be part of the ODG Legacy. Check out our recap video here! ( ODG FAMILY FEST)

“Every day, I feel gratitude and immense pride in knowing that The Old Dominion Group can offer employment that ensures food on your family’s table and a roof over their heads. Thank you for contributing to and embracing our culture of collaboration, respect, and hard work for the past 43 years.” -Roddy Davoud, Founder of ODI

“Your dedication, hard work, and time all mean so much to me. I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of this big ODG family and grow together. All of your efforts have made a significant impact, and the Old Dominion Group grows stronger each day because of you.” – Chris Davoud, Executive Vice President of ODG

“I want to express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to all the Old Dominion Group and their families. Your hard work has not only contributed to our success but has also inspired those around you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an essential part of our team and for all the incredible work you do each and every day.” – Jeff Davoud, CEO of ODG

On behalf of The Old Dominion Group, we also are very thankful for all of our sponsors who helped in making this event possible and a success for our ODG families.