ODHS Concludes Successful First Year

Every construction project poses challenges and inherent risks to health and safety, but construction within active healthcare facilities raises risk to another level. Controlling airborne contaminants, infection and noise, while adapting life safety plans are critical, particularly when building or renovation is required near operating rooms or intensive care units.

We launched Old Dominion Healthcare Services at the start of this year to help create safe environments for patients, doctors, nurses and hospital staff by building reliable, effective containment systems for a wide range of healthcare construction projects. The new division is dedicated to minimizing disruption and reducing hospital acquired infections while creating an aesthetically pleasing solution to mask hospital renovation work.

This year, ODHS built Class IV Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) containments at multiple major hospitals throughout Virginia. Some of our highlights include installing and monitoring temporary containments throughout the Children’s Hospital of Richmond during its wonder tower expansion and interior renovation, Bon Secours St. Francis during its vertical expansion and MOB renovation, as well as multiple active departments at Parham Doctors’ Hospital renovation.

Working with general contractors and hospital facility/infectious control teams, our ODHS teams install containments that utilize an airtight seal and carefully maintain negative pressure to minimize infection risks through each phase of construction. We use top-of-the-line materials, including modular Starc System Hard Wall Barrier Panels, which reduce construction noise by up to 50 percent, while exceeding ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 requirements. We use OmniGuard Differential Pressure Monitors to maintain specified pressure, and two-inch rigid fiberglass duct board above ceilings to create an airtight seal.

ODHS technicians perform daily inspections and maintenance, which includes monitoring pressure, cleaning panels, changing sticky mats and pre-filters, and keeping above-ceiling barricades tightly sealed, etc. We implement a quick and efficient alert system and can provide weekly quality control reviews and reports.

Our aesthetically pleasing and effective containments are keeping hospital communities safe from contaminating debris, infection, and noisy distraction, while allowing them to continue the business of healing. We’re proud to have served several of the commonwealth’s high-profile hospitals in our first year, and look forward to putting Old Dominion Healthcare Services and the broader resources of the Old Dominion Group to work for others in the New Year.