Project Focus: ODU New Chemistry Building

ODU’s New Chemistry Building provides a state-of-the-art facility that includes teaching and research facilities that will enhance the educational experience for students. Approximately 5,000 ODU students take Chemistry each year in preparation for most STEM-H majors. In the new building they will find undergraduate teaching laboratories, a tutoring/active learning center, cutting edge research laboratories, and faculty offices all under one roof. The new facilities allow ODU to offer a chemistry education experience that will be rivaled by very few schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ODU New Chemistry Building / Chiller Plant Project Info

Customer(s): JRC Mechanical

Location: Norfolk, VA

Scope: 435 LF of chilled water Pipe / 40 LF of exterior chilled water pipe with aluminum / 210 LF of exterior condenser water pipe with aluminum jacketing

ODI was contracted by JRC Mechanical to insulate all of the new chilled water and condenser water pipe both inside and behind the chiller plant in ODU’s brand-new chemistry building. The job consisted primarily of insulating chilled water pipe and condenser water pipe ranging in sizes from 8” to 14” in diameter. This project had to be completed on an extremely tight timeline in order to keep the entire project on schedule. To ensure we were able to hit this small window, we staffed up and put 8 of our most experienced insulators on the job. We are proud to say we completed the job on time and with no injuries.

*Rendering courtesy of W. M. Jordan