Sometimes it’s the little things: giving back to Monacan High School

If you’ve ever returned to your high school many years after graduation you’ve probably experienced the strange feelings that come with seeing how much things have changed and how much they’ve stayed the same. On a recent visit to his alma mater, Monacan High School, The Old Dominion Group’s CEO, Jeff Davoud noticed that a few outbuildings and sheds look like they hadn’t been painted since he was a student. And while, we’re all for tradition, it was clear some updates were in order.

Following his visit, Jeff sent some photos of the the sheds in question to Landon Booth, one of our Project Managers – Landon also attended Monacan High School. Landon then reached out to his old football coach, now athletic director, Daniel Parsons, and met him on campus. Coach Parsons talked about how he kept putting in work orders for the goal posts because they hadn’t been painted in 15-20 years and needed a rescue. He also pointed out some other sheds that needed some help as well.

We hired Enroughty to come out and power wash/sand down the goal posts. Then Joe Brown, ODG’s Warehouse Manager, had one his team members, Taylor Trueheart, repaint the sheds. Some of the sheds were in such bad condition we had to replace the wood paneling, but it’s all in a day’s work. In all, we gave 4 sheds a brand new facelift and fixed both goal posts on the field.