Terry Dillard Celebrates 35 Years With ODI

Terry Dillard, our Warehouse and Purchasing Manager, is a familiar face around ODI. This year, Terry celebrates his 35th year with the company. Even for a company like us, where it’s common to find folks who have been with us for 10, 15, even 20 years, this milestone is impressive.

To mark this occasion, we sat down with Terry to talk a bit about his time with ODI – how the company and our industry has changed, and how some things are just as true and important today as they were 35 years ago.

What do you remember your first day at ODI?

“I was totally green. I didn’t know anything about insulation, though I had some construction experience. I was operating a jackhammer 8 hours a day, and let me tell you, this job is way better than that!”

What was ODI like 35 years ago?

“For one, the company was much smaller. And because of that we were much more locally-focused, though we kept busy. I remember a lot of long days.”

What has your career path at ODI been? How has your job changed?

“I was in the field for six or seven years. I was given an opportunity to move into the warehouse, and I’ve been there ever since. The foundations of what we do are mostly the same, but the pace of work has gotten faster. Also, safety has improved greatly, which is good for everyone.”

How has ODI changed during your time here? How has it stayed the same?

“We’ve certainly grown a lot. With more people comes more expertise, which has meant larger, more complex projects across a wider area. When I started we did most of our work locally. Now, we’re doing jobs all over the country. Even with all that growth though, ODI still feels like a family, and that’s the thing I like most about working here.”

What are some projects you’re particularly proud of?

“Too many to keep track of!”

What advice do you have for people just starting out at ODI?

“Hang in there. There’s tons to learn, and it might feel overwhelming, but you can always count on the people here to help you out.”

What keeps you coming to work day after day?

“Well, I gotta pay the bills! You couldn’t ask for a better place to work. They’re all great people.

I’ll hang around as long as they’ll let me.



Some of Terry’s colleagues also wanted to share their thoughts about working with Terry over the years.

“Rain or shine, wind or storm, we have always been able to count on Terry.  He has never failed to do what he said he would do and has been loyal to our family to a fault. I am very proud to have him on our team.”

-Roddy Davoud, ODI Founder


“One good man to work with. A team player for over 35 years!”

-Howard Warren


“Thank you for teaching me so much over the past 35 years.  You have been a great mentor and have taught me more than you will ever know!!  Thank you for all you do for everyone around you.”

Jeff Davoud, CEO


“One thing to remember is that Terry is on the hook seven days a week. His hard work and dedication is what keeps the field rolling with zero down time. Terry’s support and service have been essential to the growth of ODI, and his values and leadership have made him make him a mentor highly liked and respected in the industry.”

-Randy Robinson


Congratulations on 35 years of dedication and hard work. On behalf of all of us at ODI, thank you, Terry!