Thank You for Your Commitment to Safety!

ISC members being recognized for their safety practices

At ODG “Safety First” aren’t just words, it’s how we do business. Our safety team at ODG has continued to do an amazing job at ensuring that our field technicians are on the job safely. As our headcount grows, the safety team has adjusted to providing more training than ever.

When safe work practices are prioritized, the results are reduced injuries and increased production, our safety team’s constant dedication and hard work to every little detail about safety has been the backbone of ODG’s success and growth.

We’re committed to having the best Safety Team in the industry to keep our team protected and productive. Our goal is to ensure every employee returns home safely every day.

What Makes our Safety Team Special?

Our invaluable safety team is dedicated to high safety standards. Our team oversees all of the safety training at every branch location and job site. The team is constantly traveling to provide these safety trainings and establish proper work environments. Visiting multiple job sites per day providing refresher training courses to remind those in the field how to protect their own, as well as others’, health, and safety. Despite the long hours their job demands, they know the importance of their job and are always enthusiastic and motivated to enhance safety.

Anabella providing yearly training to ODI- MD department

At ODG, our field technicians receive constant training on top of orientations and specific trainings topics such as OSHA 30, ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) training, asbestos, mold, active shooter, inclement weather, heat stress, and much more. If an inspector comes to a job site, our safety team is easily able to provide them with at least 25 pages worth of our policies.

Our Insulators go through 62 hours of training and our commercial workers go through 87-110 hours of training, all thanks to the safety team. The elaborate 390 minutes of safety orientation training for new hires is the heart behind the high-quality services we can provide. ODG Is the first company in Virginia to elevate the glove policy to cut level A6 and puncture level 5, which protects against cuts, burns, and punctures, for our workers.

After this implementation in 2022, the company has since seen no hand injuries.  Their detail-oriented trainings, using OSHA standards 1910 and 1926, have led to our safety team being awarded multiple STEP awards over the years that reflect their hard work. Our field technicians can work more confidently, efficiently, and safely due to the intense training and prioritization from our safety team.  Thank you, safety!

“Safety is not about standing and looking at people, you work with them. You do not earn the respect of people if you do not work with them”.

Anabella Perez, our Director of Corporate Safety and Loss Prevention
William Blackwell providing respiratory maintenance training to ODI industrial insulators

What makes our Safety team special is not only their hard work, but their consistent efforts to build relationships with everyone. They ensure that our field technicians know that wherever they go, they have the safety team to support them.

They go above and beyond to ensure that they are actively available for anything our field workers may need. This is something all of us at ODG deeply appreciate. Safety, thank you for your strong commitment to making our workplace a safe environment for everyone.

We are always looking for talent to join our ODG safety team. If you are interested, please visit the contact us page.