As Summer draws to a close, our Interns look ahead.

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over and that we’re saying goodbye to some of our interns. But, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Before our interns head back to school this fall, we took a moment to catch up with them so they could reflect on what they learned during their time at ODI.

Interns Zeph and Zach and Intern Manager, Spencer Davis, pose casually in front of a cherry Pontiac Fiero that lives on our parking lot.

Jack McDonald will be finishing at Christopher Newport University this year, but we hope we’ll see him back in the office after he has his degree. Here’s what he had to say about his intern experience:

The internship was great! I gained a lot of knowledge with job tracking, estimating, and managing jobs. Overall I felt this internship was very beneficial mainly for the infield and office experience I gained from working with others. My career plans are remaining the same, I plan to finish out college and see where my major takes me. For future Interns, my best advice is, that you’re not expected to know everything so ask questions and learn from your mistakes.

Before he returns to VMI to finish his final year, we caught up with Zach Sanders, who had this to say about his time with us:

My overall impressions of the ODI Internship was great. I enjoyed working with everyone around the office and they were all very approachable and useful in the tasks delegated to me. It showed me that work can be fun as well as taken seriously when needed. I have learned many things throughout the internship, and those things include estimating, tracking a job site, learning how to do change orders, LEED reports and many more tasks that come along with being a project manager. This internship has sparked my interest even more in the field of project management and estimating and I feel that I would enjoy doing this stuff on a day to day basis. Some advice I would give other interns in the future would be to come ready to learn, and then everything else will be smooth sailing, because even though you are working 8 hours a day, it doesn’t really feel like it and if you come in with a good mindset, then it is a blast.

We’re lucky and proud to say Zeph Frankart will be staying on to continue working with us as he completes his degree. He shared some of his thoughts on our intern program.

I really enjoyed the program and the mentors I had throughout it. Everyone I met was willing and eager to answer any questions I had and let me learn through hands on experience. While I spent time in the field I learned the different systems that get insulated and all about various different types of insulation. The time I spent in the office taught me valuable skills, different aspects of project management, and how much it truly takes to complete the artful trade of insulation. This internship has greatly impacted my career plans and I am very interested in project management now. The mixture of problem solving, field time, and analytical work is a very interesting career path that I would like to pursue. I also want to thank Spencer Davis, Long McCall, and Brian Kappus for their time this summer, and everything they taught me!

Zeph was also kind enough to share some advice for future interns:

Hit the ground running. Everyone at ODI is willing to teach you if you are willing to ask. The entire experience is a great time, but what you put into it will determine what you get out of it.

That’s some great advice for ALL of us, Zeph!