Virginia’s Scaffolding Experts

Like other ubiquitous sights, buildings wrapped in scaffolding have become invisible to most of us. The concept, though, is transformative – fast, adaptable access for multiple workers to structures of any height or shape. Scaffolding enables construction, cleaning, maintenance, or repairs, and, while it may appear as simple as life-sized Tinkertoy sets, erecting it safely and efficiently is complex.

Creatively designed scaffolding constructs can significantly boost a project’s efficiency and speed to completion. Safety, meanwhile, is a life-and-death consideration every day, as workers’ lives depend on sound builds, attachments, and protocols. Scaffolding provides quick access to heights and hard-to-reach areas, and it can be reconfigured as needed to simultaneously accommodate different work stations and tasks. With well-planned designs and cost-effective solutions, skilled scaffolding can improve construction speed and reduce budgets.

Old Dominion Group embraced the challenge of providing best-in-class scaffolding to customers throughout the region with the 2015 launch of Integrated Scaffolding Concepts (ISC). We offer rental, lease, or purchase of commercial and industrial scaffolding, with safety always the first priority.

In less than a decade, ISC has become known as Virginia’s scaffolding experts, as we act quickly and creatively with concepts that stress safety, professionalism, and best practices. Recent projects include 100,000 square feet of scaffold for a new building for Merck and 20,000 square feet of scaffold for a Dominion Energy power plant. We continue to serve facilities ranging from healthcare to schools, transit systems, manufacturing centers, and others where maintaining operations is paramount.