Women in Construction Week

At ODG, the impact that our women have and will continue to have is immeasurable. We celebrate having hardworking, dedicated women that truly exemplify the ODG way not only during Women in Construction Week, but all year round. Our extraordinary women make a difference every day, as they are the Keys to the Future


Women play a vital role in shaping our environment and driving innovation in the field. The progress in increasing the representation of women in the construction industry is a cause for celebration. Women are involved in building the industry towards a more inclusive future. Forecasts indicate that the industry will grow by 4% between 2021 and 2031. Women will make up over a quarter of the construction workforce, an increase of 2% since 2010. According to the National Association of Women in Construction the gender gap in construction is much smaller than in other industries by 95.5% of what men make.  This advancement reflects a shift towards a more diverse and inclusive construction industry that better represents the society we live in.

Join us in recognizing and applauding the women in construction who continue to inspire us all! Take a look at what the women at The Old Dominion Group have to say about their personal keys to success:

“I love what I do. Everything I work on is a part of something that will last for generations.”

Cindy Romero, ODHT technician

My advice to other women in construction is that safety comes first! On a job site, the first thing you should always do is check your PPE.”

Silvia Camacho (left), ODI Technician

“My advice is to be open to learning and not be afraid to get down and dirty. I have learned that refining my craftsmanship really adds a lot of value.”

Astrid Gomez (right), ODI Technician

“I’m a people person and I love working with people, hiring them, and letting them know they are coming to work for a great company.”

Laura Lee Harrell, DE Office Manager

“I love working outside, with ducts, pipes, anything. I love all the different things I get to do at my job!”

Ana Gaitan, Warehouse Technician

“I am a strong believer that all women make an impact in all aspects of life, especially in construction. We can add small details to things that are mostly overseen and bring new ideas. My advice is to always keep going especially when there is adversity, this can only make you better at what you do and who you are. Us women are smart and always striving to be better.”

Lizette Agudelo, Warehouse Manager

“Each construction build is unique and has different scenarios to work through, even if the designs are similar – there’s always something new. I also enjoy building client relations and being able to anticipate their needs for each project, facilitating an even stronger relationship through that customer service.”

Kathryn Mozell, Assistant Project Manager

My advice to women in construction is to break the stereotype without losing your femininity.”

Anabella Perez, Safety and Loss Prevention Director

“What I do can save lifes, to me firestopping is important work.”

Jacqueline Salamanca, ODF Technician

“I followed in my mom and aunt’s footsteps. If they can work in the construction industry, so can I!”

Nicole Alarcon, Safety and HR Assistant

“Being the Office Manager of the Nashville Branch has so many rewards. I love our customers, my team, and being able to support management in executing daily operations. I love having a job where I feel appreciation from those around me every single day. The culture is amazing and we are family.”

Divina Hendrickson, TN Office Manager

“I pursued a construction career because it gave me the opportunity to help people understand safety and how to stay safe on the job.”

Diana Diaz-Santos, Assistant Director of Safety

“I love working for a company that has always had a ‘family’ environment, where people care about each other, and where the owners are generous to both their employees and to a number of charitable organizations. The people at ODG are the most amazing people I have ever worked with! ”

Gina Ritchey, Account Payable

“My best advice to other women in construction is to speak up! Otherwise, you’ll never be heard.“

Katee Elam, Executive Assistant

“I am a leader in the field with mostly men, but I feel like we are all family in a way. I could not do my job well without them. They all respect me. I am grateful we all have the benefits of a big company without getting lost as a number. I feel like we are all really tight and close. GO ODI!

Erin Thomas, ODI Construction Manager

“My advice to other women in construction is to keep working hard so that we can serve as an inspiration to our future generation and make them understand that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.”

Brenda Magmud, Precon and Project Coordinator

“I love my job because everyday is a new challenge where I have the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to building a better future for those who follow.”

Anna Swanson, Assistant Project Manager

“Do not be afraid to share your ideas, engage in group activities, or take a leadership role- your voice in the industry matters and you can make a difference!”

Vivi Morales, Safety Manager

“There are many aspects of the construction industry which women can be a part of. On the jobsites, office administration, accounting, and more. I help keep our office running smoothly and efficiently. Having a good relationship with our customers and vendors and their AP & AR departments is important, and I help do so.”

Kathy Hudak, MD Office Manager

“Advice I would give to women in construction is to hold your head up and involve yourself in the conversation. It’s not all about men, you can do it too and sometimes even better!”

Angela Osment, ISC Office Manager

“My advice to other women in construction is to use your voice. We are fortunate to work with leadership who want to hear what you have to say.”

Brittany Crane, Human Resources Director

“Do not let stereotypes define you or your work. Being a woman is a privilege, not a burden.”

Gabriela Garfias Rodriguez, Safety Document Specialist

“I love how dynamic my job in construction is. Creating new relationships at the start of each project and develop it throughout the project. I also enjoy following the progression of the projects, seeing it from start to finish to become a complete facility is awesome. Being a part of that change, which ultimately impaced people’s lives is pretty amazing.”

Sthefany Brunelli Figueredo, Assistant Project Manager

“Listen to others around you and do not be afraid to try new ventures! Many of my mentors are strong women who have helped develop me into who I am today.  What I enjoy most about my job is being able to support our teams on and off the field to bring us all together.”

Jackie Lopez, Marketing and Communications Director

“I would advise women who aspire to join this field to stay determined and confident in their abilities. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. Never underestimate the value of your contributions.”

Sherry Jernigan, Finance Director

“I am proud to be a women in construction and thankful for all the doors that have been opened to me. My favorite thing about working at ODG is the room for growth and how involved in community service organizations we are.”

Kelly Cathell, Billing & Project Administrator

We’re honored to be a part of this community! We see more women taking on leadership roles, and through their stories, we hope to inspire women in construction everywhere to follow their passion. We want to thank all the women in construction for their valuable contributions, here’s to many more years of breaking down barriers!